Turning a Used Car Into A New One

Published on December 6, 2018

The standard reason for most people buying a used car is because they need a vehicle for their daily use. But, they don’t want to invest in a new one. Or, it may be that they need a family car. Whatever the reason there are plenty of used roadworthy vehicles in Canada to choose from. However, there are some other used car buyers that want to purchase a used vehicle for other reasons.

Refurbishing a Used Vehicle

There are those guys and more recently girls, who are called backyard mechanics. These are the ones that love to tinker with cars. For them, it is a great challenge to buy a used car then refurbish it so it looks and acts like new again. This is not something they consider as work, but consider it to be a hobby.

The Time Commitment

For those that are going to take a car and refurbish it, they are looking at a time commitment. After all when a car is taken to a mechanic for repair usually the labour costs more than the parts. This is what is going to take place with the refurbishment of a used vehicle.

Restoration vs Refurbishment

Restoration is a little different. In this case, one is taking an older car and making it like new again. With refurbishment, the vehicle may not be that old but it is in poor condition. In this case, finding the parts may not be as difficult as it is for a restoration of a vehicle.

Also, the used car that has been refurbished can then be driven on the roads with no problems as long as it reaches the proper safety standards. With restored cards they are often considered to be a classic and insurance will only cover them for limited road use.

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