How Elaborate Can an RV Be?

Published on October 7, 2018

Those that are interested in recreational vehicles will usually take the time to check out several different types before they make their decision as to which one to purchase. They soon discover that there are several different types and they greatly range in price.

The Most Elaborate

In Canada, the cost for RVs can range from between $10,000 up to near $600,000. Of course the most expensive RV is on the scale of a small home. This one that was displayed at a recent RV show in Canada was priced at $599,000. For this money, the owner would be receiving perks such as heated floors along with a state of the art home entertainment system. Also, an electric fireplace built in. For added convenience, there is a built-in washer and dryer along with central vac.

A Basic RV

Not everyone is going to invest that kind of money in an RV and most are looking for one that is going to give them all the basics when it comes to convenience. Most set their priorities on the kitchen and the bedrooms. Even those that are considered basic have the general comforts of home on a smaller scale. What is important is how easy they are to haul. The convenience of the RVs is that they don’t take a lot of work to set up.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are one of the most common forms of accommodation that those who like to travel invest in. It meets all of their requirements and different models are available which dictate the price range. Usually the bigger the trailer the more they cost.

Tent Trailer

A tent trailer is a mix of a tent and a travel trailer all combined in one. They provide some of the conveniences of the travel trailer but require some limited set up like a tent would.

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