One of the advantages of dealing with a car dealership is they may give you the option of trading in your current vehicle for another one.

The Dealer’s Perception

It helps to understand that car dealerships buy their used cars at wholesale prices. They have resources for doing this like buying from car auctions. Which they will make what they consider to be a fair purchase. Then they will bring this vehicle back to their in-house mechanics to have whatever work done on it that is necessary. They will then add this cost to the purchase and then put a mark up on it so they can make a profit.

Wholesale Prices

They will use a similar system when they are going to take your vehicle as a trade-in. They will only be prepared to give a wholesale price for it. The wholesale prices can vary depending on some factors. If your vehicle happens to be one that is popular then you may get a better price for it.

The Inspection

It is not likely the car salesperson is going to give you a price off the top of their head. They will want the dealership mechanics to do an inspection on it. Even if the car is deemed to be mechanically in a rough shape they will still offer you something for it. But, it will be far less because of the cost factors in fixing it up. If it is fixable, it may only be good for scrap.

Their Future Plans for Your Vehicle

They will also factor in what their future plans are for your vehicle. Some car lots only sell new vehicles. Therefore they are going to be faced with the cost of shipping your used car somewhere else. This is something you may want to think about when you are determining on where to buy your car and using the old one as a trade in.