Anyone that has spent a vacation in Canada will usually say that anytime is the best time to vacation in this country. It is because every season and every province has something to offer. This is especially true for those that are going to make use of their recreational vehicles for this.

January to March

Many of the provinces in Canada are just coming past the peak of the cold winter months. But, if vacationers have an RV that is heated then they are all set. Many of the campgrounds that accommodate the RVs are still closed for the winter, but there are more of them now that are offering winter camping. For those that enjoy festivals and winter events, they may want to consider visiting the province of Quebec during these months. They have the world’s largest winter carnival that usually starts on the last weekend of January and runs for fourteen nights.

During the Spring

A lot of people plan their vacation for the hot summer months. But, in Canada, the spring has so much to offer. A lot of the campgrounds begin to open in April to May. Much of the countryside is just beginning to burst with colour and new growth. It makes one feel alive and rejuvenated to spend the still cool nights out in the fresh air, but enjoy the increasing warmth of the sun.

Planning the Best Time for You

What you may want to do is check out some of the RV guides that are available for the different provinces to see what events are running. Then plan your vacation around these events. There is always something going on in Canada no matter what the time of year it is.

The camp grounds are really busy so you will want to book your spot early to avoid disappointment.