One of the biggest challenges you are going to face when you decide to have an RV holiday in Canada is where are you going to park the RV? There are tons of places to choose from among the many different and beautiful provinces within the country.


If you have chosen to put Alberta on your travel itinerary then you will want to park the RV at Jasper National Park. Some will refer to this area as the “gentle giant of the Rockies”. When it comes to parks in Canada this is one of the largest and most beautiful ones. You will get to see some interesting Canadian wildlife here.


A good majority of people choose Ontario to vacation in. Some because they want to take in the sites of Toronto while they are here. Others because they have heard so much about the beautiful locations for staying in an RV in. One of these will be Camper’s Cove. It is on the shores of Lake Erie. For bird lovers, this is a wonderful experience as there are many species of birds that frequent this area.


Yet again another great province of Ontario to go RVing in. The choice here for RVers will be Gros Morne National Park. It is a UNESCO official heritage site. It is such a popular place that many people return several times.

These are just some examples of the well known and popular spots. But to add to the excitement you just may want to set out on a road trip and see where it leads you. There will always be an opportunity to find a place to stop with the RV along the way. Even if you want to visit some of the bigger cities usually on the outskirts there will plenty of campgrounds to accommodate your RV.